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    It��s unforgettable when you��re in the eye, how do you put it in your heart? The dream is wrapped around the soul, and the net falls into the Acacia. The wind blows away, the candle is chaotic. A trace of love is difficult, painful, tears! Concealed, suppressed, but a thought, the pain instantly burst into a burning sea, collapsed the silent fortress. Wan Qianrong is in one, but he is swallowed up by the darkness Parliament Cigarettes. The moon falls on the window sill at night. It is the ultimate coldness. Your eyes are inscribed for a long time, and you will long for a hug. If you have been in pain for a long time, you will seek solutions. Medicine; lonely for a long time, will want to burn once. The lonely wind blows in the wind, and the clothes are lightly shaken. The swallows are blue and empty, and the lotus moves gently. The last cool heart of May was pierced, and the blood was dripping, and the dyed ink was a punishment. You see, the wind blows sand, everything has been drawn. Forget it, a cup of poisonous tea has a moldy bud Marlboro Red, no clear water bay, but it has burned, and there is always so much pain in the life of the heart. Who can control it, maybe today, tomorrow will be The rouge fell. When the dream is awake, the heart hurts the most. If the sky is dark, the night is the coldest! In the dark, quiet, painful and raging, can’t sleep peacefully! The position is changed, the clothes are thrown away, and the body does not have a position to touch. Memories are still rummaging through the cabinet Marlboro Lights, just a gentle thought of the pain of the heart, not dare to think about it, the night is the devil, with a skeleton tied to the soul. Dawn found that it had subverted everything last night. In the other corner, there was a fever with a bare hair, and it was crying at night. It was a mirror that was not very tired and very lonely Online Cigarettes. The night of a person was always too long. It seemed that time forgot to turn and suppress. The boat in my heart. I want to borrow some happiness from tomorrow, let the color of today be full, and let the picture of �� fill my own melancholy eyes. I want to laugh with no scruples, it is silly and simple. But I can’t, without the simple ability. Some things know that they are poisonous, but they can’t stop it. They become gentle addictions. Ru people drink and lick their end points. They indulge their desires and like the restlessness of the green, letting the heart forget the beating; I like Haibo and the ups and downs, just like a person experiencing hardships, then a little tolerant and relieved. If you go to travel at this moment, you are completely empty, strange to familiar, and finally forget, this is a feeling of escape. The heart is like a bodhisattva, like a white lotus, a gift from the Buddha. The end of the song is the destined robbery, let the wind take away those memories, and then lightly go into battle, continue to travel alone, do not seek, meet is a tacit understanding, possession is a fate of care. Just borrow some happiness from tomorrow, let the heat be hot today, and let the heart no longer hurt. If I am asleep, it is the pet of the Buddha. He said: The practice is asleep, meet the best of yourself, and meet the millennium, you have no regrets and no regrets, but you can��t get it. bear. The shadow of the moon is blurred and messy, and the long road is lost, and the bet is raised! Draw a rest! The wave that has been unable to bear the whirlwind makes the silence a permanent casting. Every dawn will pray for peace and good fortune, never care about your own slight sorrow, painful splashes of flowers, flooding into the tide of rolling at night. Unstoppable moments let yourself fall into the curse of sleep Marlboro Cigarettes, the dream is just black, empty! It��s not that the autumn cool is a kind of residue that ends in May. It��s too late to see the beauty of the flowers with you, and it is a monument in the rain. My decadence made the footsteps fall back and forth, and the fall of the cockroaches became disabled. The sky is gray, can not read the luxury of color gifts, awake and fainting alternately torment the soul and pain, and learn how many times the cone of heart pain can be done repeatedly! Your first Changan, I am willing to retreat. Since then, I have kept a piece of paper, and I am unwilling to ask for it. Perhaps the inscriptions were fulfilled by myself, and I was unable to return to heaven by the gods, and I was able to interpret them. I finally understood the meaning of the words. How much sorrow is bitter coffee, but I only remember the tiredness that you went for the wind and rain. So relieved that there is no way to retreat, forget who is who. In the presence of the separated world, I planted half acre of flower fields in the text and grew a fascinating rose. I love you very much, your happiness, my no regrets.
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