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  • Each of the jumping texts interprets the emotions in the author’s heart with its classic combination. The emotions are like the silky sounds that surround the ear, letting the readers unknowingly be intoxicated or sad or sorrowful. Or impassioned or dexterous in the temperament. Indulge in it, use another identity to feel life, and use another…[Read more]

  • Recalling childhood, the most profound memory is to play, the lively heart is always unable to suppress the desire to play, so the ear often haunts the mother’s chanting. “You look at the rainy people next door, how quiet, like you It��s like a monkey jumping up and down.�� The last thing I liked was reading. After gradually growing up, I put awa…[Read more]

  • It��s unforgettable when you��re in the eye, how do you put it in your heart? The dream is wrapped around the soul, and the net falls into the Acacia. The wind blows away, the candle is chaotic. A trace of love is difficult, painful, tears! Concealed, suppressed, but a thought, the pain instantly burst into a burning sea, collapsed the silent…[Read more]

  • We live here all the year round, but it is not our home here. The land here does not belong to us, but we are working hard on this land, day after day, year after year. Why is it that we have to stay away from our parents and leave our homes? Looking up at the sky, only the white clouds, the blue sky, does not seem to belong to our color! You look…[Read more]

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