The Verge 510x510
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The Verge


Set in an old re-purposed mill, you play a young reporter who has been asked to look into this mysterious location. You must uncover the nature of the mill and what it is being used for. To do so, you must solve a series of riddles and puzzles in order to find what you are looking for, and uncover it’s secrets.

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Product Description

The Verge is a first-person platform puzzle game based in a futuristic dystopian Earth.

The Verge takes place in a long abandoned mill outside of the mega-city, as you take control of John Holmes, a newspaper reporter after being sent a cryptic letter urging you to investigate the mill and it’s secrets.

After arriving at the mill, what you do is up to you, but know that not every decision should be taken lightly.

Throughout the game, you will solve a series of puzzles each more challenging than the last, and uncover clues along the way to discover the mystery of the mill.

Each puzzle is more complex and challenging than the last and built to test your problem-solving skills and general knowledge and your attention to detail.

Some clues are subtle, some less so and it is your job to uncover them all and discover the true purpose of this mystical and puzzling place.

Set in a long abandoned mill, you play a young reporter who has been asked to look into this mysterious location, and you must solve tactically if you are to uncover it’s secrets.

The clues leading you through this mysterious location have been left to you my a mysterious person signing themselves simply as “A Friend“.

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Standard (Digital), Physical (Boxed)

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